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The A to Z of Macrame: A is for...

Welcome to my new blog series! I've decided to take a deep dive into all this macrame and create an A to Z. Here you will find all sorts of information regarding items you can make, different types of knots and cords, and much more. Grab yourself a cuppa, put your feet up and lets learn all about macrame!

A is for...

Art Yarn

When I sat down to write my list of ideas for A, the first idea that came to mind was Art Yarn. If you have been in the fiber world for a while, you will have definitely come across art yarn before; its become very popular over the last couple of years, with lots of people actually spinning and creating their own yarn at home.

Art yarn is made using a variety of different fibers and textures and running them through a carding machine, then through a spinning wheel to create a yarn that is varied in width and thickness. It's not suitable for knitting or crochet, but works really well for art projects such as weavings. It's so beautiful, and works really well in macrame, especially macraweaves, which is something we will talk about later in this series.

Art Yarn made by @littlejennywren_

Ladybug by @wovenrainbowuk

Macrame Wall Hanging made by @gemmacrame_

Macrame Animals

My main motivation for my macrame tends to be bright and colourful, and pieces that tend to fit perfectly in children bedroom decor. I often spend time scrolling on Pinterest for inspiration, and I love looking at Macrame Animals, there are some extremely talented macrame artists in the world.

Macrame really lends itself well to animals because of the versatility of the knots and the textures of the cords. So far I have tried Macrame Owls, and I can't wait to try more!

Owl and Fox by @poly_tusal

Macrame Art by @kashacantillofiberart

Macrame Owl by @gemmacrame_

Macrame Angel

One of my most popular products from 2022, Macrame Angels are not just for Christmas! A beautiful gift for a new baby, Christening gift, or a baby shower, macrame angels can be fully customised and they are so beautiful.

I had a lovely customer contact me last year asking for a rainbow themed angel to remember a baby that had sadly passed away, such a beautiful gift to give someone.

I think my favourite thing about macrame angels, is the fluffy wings, I am partial to a fluffy fringe!

Macrame Angels by @gemmacrame_

I hope you enjoy this series, I'm really looking forward to learning and sharing more all about Macrame!

See you next time!



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