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Rainbow Cloud Wall Hanging

Ever so often, I go through periods of time where I lose all motivation and inspiration and I just don't know what to make! I guess you could call it crafters block.

I've been plodding along lately, trying to get half finished projects completed, but nothing I was making was giving me joy.

I've recently discovered a new craft which has been taking over my world (blog post coming in this soon!) so macrame was definitely taking a back seat. Plus I've had time off over the Easter holidays so I can spend time with my family, so things really felt flat.

This week felt like the first week it was back to normality. Every Tuesday I have a table at the Felixstowe Indoor Market, which is on the Felixstowe high street, and after a few weeks off I was back. It's seemingly resparked some creativity within me and I was hit by inspiration last night!

A while ago, I ordered a set of laser cut wooden cloud shapes, but as with most of my project ideas, they were just sat on a shelf gathering dust. Then last night, I remembered that my mum had given me a bag full of multi pompon fancy yarn, and I realised that it would look perfect hanging down off a cloud!

This morning, I got into town and set about using one of my medium sized cloud shapes and wrapped it in a light blue DK yarn from Mrs I Crafts shop. Once covered I cut three lengths of the fancy Pom Pom yarn and attached it the the cloud. Immediately I loved the effect, and I honestly think it would make a lovely piece with just that yarn hanging down!

But of course I needed to add my macrame element to the piece so I decided on some of my beautiful Bobbiny cord in pastel colours and I made some half square knot sinnets. I used the colours Misty, Milky Green, Biscuits, Oat Yellow, Pastel Pink and Dusty Pink.

Overall I am so happy with this piece, it has given me so much joy to make it and I can't wait for it to find its forever home! Wouldn't it just look so perfect in a baby's room, or a child's bedroom?!

Now to make the most of this inspiration and make some more gorgeousness!


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