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It all starts here....

I‘m finally taking the plunge! My website is in working progress and I’m pretty excited but also scared!

I have been developing my skills as a macrame artist for coming up to a year now and it’s been a really enjoyable journey. Most of my learning has been through courses run by the talented Isabella Strambio; her courses are fantastic so I really recommend checking her out if you’re looking to learn yourself.

I still have a lot of learning to do, and plenty more courses that I would like to take. I’m also trying to make as many different designs as I can, to really find my niche in the market.

Why macrame?

I’ve tried many different crafts over the years from embroidery to cross stitch, and dry clay to crochet. Whilst I’ve really enjoyed them all, macrame was really the one to stick.

I think this is because of the repetitive nature of the knots which makes it a really calming and satisfying craft. I also think it works wonders for my mental health as well, there’s something about crafting that really brings joy, especially when you see the end result and can feel proud that you’ve created something beautiful.

I’m really excited to share my journey with you and show you what I am able to create with just some string and knots.

Knots of love



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